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Things to Do

Get to know the City of Stones and its wonders ..
The city of São Thomé das Letras is located at the peak of a mountain of stone at 1,444 meters of sea level, embedded in the Mantiqueira mountain range. The sky is very blue and the city is surrounded by an intensely green valley, where magnificent caves, waterfalls, endless caves and hills where the cars go up alone (see photos Ladeira do Peanut) are hidden.

Coming through Three Hearts, all paved road access, the silvery white of the stones resembles snow-capped mountains. Coming through Baependí, along the Old Road of the Royal Road, you can see the natural wall of the guardian stones, which reminds you of the City of the Incas.


The Cataguá Indians inhabited the region until the 18th century, when they were expelled by the bandeirantes. In 1785, the Mother Church began in the Baroque style with paintings by Joaquim José da Natividade in the Rococo style. During the nineteenth century, the city became a dormitory city, since it was only occupied by the region's farmers during festive seasons, remaining the rest of the year with the houses closed and empty. From the beginning of the 20th century, the extraction of "stones of são tomé" (quartzite) became the main economic activity of the city.


Some of the main waterfalls of the city of São Thomé das Letras:

cachoeira antarescachoeira da eubiosecachoeira da luacachoeira do flaviocachoeira paraisocachoeira veu da noivacachoeira vale das borboletas


Today taken by tourists as a reference point of the city and denominated pyramid by the architectural format adopted in its construction, no one defines for sure the reasons that led to the construction of a project so modern and bold in that place and why the abandonment of the place. Many tourists use the place for the photographic record of the beautiful landscapes, others for meditation, mental exercises and alternative therapies. In addition, it is the best place to see the sunset and the reddish coloration that the sky acquires in the late afternoon. Several reports give an account of the sighting of UFOs and extraterrestrial beings in this place that has already been the source of study of several experts who until now have different opinions about the experiences.


pedra da piramidepedra da piramide 5pedra da piramide 2pedra da piramide 4pedra da piramide 3


Curious place where the vehicles, with the engine off, continue to climb the slope. This fact helps to foster beliefs about the existence of a large diamond-shaped magnetic field in the underground part of the city. Which would also be responsible for the ufological manifestations of the city.


ladeira do amendoimladeira do amendoim 2ladeira do amendoim 3ladeira do amendim 4ladeira do amendoim 4ladeira do amendoim 5


In this cave, which is next to the Mother Church, the history of the city originated. It was the place where the slave João Antão hid from his master, Captain João Francisco Junqueira, owner of Fazenda Campo Alegre, where the image of São Thomé and the rock inscriptions were found. These inscriptions to this day are surrounded by mysteries and legends that have gained strength over the years for lack of explanations and convincing studies that identify their exact origin. Today, the three most accepted hypotheses are that of the apparition of São Thomé to the slave, leaving the paintings as a mark of his visit, extraterrestrial inscriptions in the cave and cave paintings of the Cataguases Indians, the first inhabitants of the mountain range. definitions of nature itself in contact with infiltrations, minerals and sol.


gruta sao thome 1gruta são thomegruta sao thome 5gruta sao thome 3gruta sao thome 2gruta sao thome 6gruta sao thome 4


Religious landmark located in the Antonio Rosa Park, from where you have a 360 degree view of the entire landscape that surrounds the city. Ideal for observing natural phenomena. Many witnesses say it is the best place to spot ufological phenomena, from the appearance of extraterrestrial spaceships to even energy collisions and also suitable for astronomical observations of the constellations and planets.


morro do cruzeiro 3morro do cruzeiromorro do cruzeiro 1morro do cruzeiro 4morro do cruzeiro 2


Witch Stone

A beautiful and mysterious rock formation that, seen in profile, resembles the silhouette of the face of a witch. It is located in one of the highest points of the city and is part of the Municipal Park Antonio Rosa, ecological area listed. Ideal place to admire the sunrise and the sunset.

pedra da bruxa 3pedra da bruxa 6pedra da bruxa 4pedra da bruxa 2pedra da bruxapedra da bruxa 1


The mirador was built in the highest place of the Antonio Rosa Park, from where you can see all the magnificent landscape of São Thomé das Letras and region. It is a great place to relax and meditate, given the tranquility and peace of mind reigning in the place. From there, one has a privileged view of

mirante sao thome das letras 2mirante sao thome das letras 3mirante sao thome das letras 1mirante sao thome das letras 4mirante sao thome das letras 5

CHURCH OF STONE (Our Lady of the Rosary Church)

Also known as Stone Church, it lacks many or historical data. Started in the eighteenth century by the slaves, it remained for a long unfinished period. Its interior presents no artistic work, but its architecture, with stones superimposed one by one, is typical of São Thomé das Letras. In October of 1995, it was finally delivered to the public and today it is registered as state historical patrimony.

igreja de pedra 1igreja de pedra 5igreja de pedra 3igreja de pedra 4igreja de pedra 2


It was built around 1785, in the same place where a small chapel had been built on the occasion of the episode that gave rise to the city. On the outside, it carries the baroque style of Minas Gerais. Its interior is ornamented in rococo style, with evangelical themes enriched with angelic motifs. The highlight goes to its central nave, whose fresco portrays Jesus Christ surrounded by the apostles, with St. Thomas? kneeling at his feet, the work of the artist Joaquim José da Natividade. The Church is listed as state historical patrimony. Among the collections of the Church is the painting of Baron de Alfenas, dated 1876 by the painter Nicolao Facchinetti.

igreja matriz sao thome das letras 3igreja matriz sao thome das letras 6igreja matriz sao thome das letras 1igreja matriz sao thome das letras 2igreja matriz sao thome das letras 4igreja matriz sao thome das letras 5igreja matriz sao thome das letras 7